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The Hurford Group

Covers the entire supply chain from the management and harvesting of forest resources, processing, manufacturing, sales and distribution of wood products in Australia and around the world.

An Australian Business.

Founded in 1932 Hurford’s is an Australian third generation family business, strongly dedicated to the native hardwood timber industry, celebrating over 85 years of trade…

Nationwide Distribution.

With distribution warehouses located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia Complete Floors Australia are able to efficiently service the Australian market.

50+ Timber Species.

Strong relationships forged over the decades with producers both domestically and internationally allow Complete Floors Australia to source an impressive variety of native and exotic specialty timbers.

International Export.

We offer local Hardwoods, Cypress and Hurford Flooring lines for shipping to all major international markets. Hurford’s international based branches: New Zealand, North America and France.

Environmental Awareness.

Hurford’s have purchased over 5000 hectares of land and have commenced a planting program that will see more than 25000 new plantation eucalypt saplings established each year.

What We Do

It’s our sawmills, network of warehouses and overseas operations that let us offer such an extensive range and unmatched service.

Complete Floors Australia is a third-generation family business that specialises in quality Floorcovering products.

With more than 85 years of experience & our uncompromising approach to ensure all our products meet our own exacting standards and all relevant Australian Standards, the Complete Floors name has become synonymous with quality.

We stock an extensive range of inventory, have a national network of warehouses and an established distribution chain.

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